Analysis/design of air supply and exhaust system for hazardous fumes in prison shop

Newspaper printing press bundling machine and platform additions

Instrumentation for paint scaling machine force measurement

Machine shop floor loading analysis

Optomechanical system for helicopter mounted agricultural crop analyzer

Development of industrial coating spray nozzle

Safety design for wind tunnel and space program capital equipment

Development of space optical instrument

Electronic and optoelectronic packaging engineering for space systems

Design review for laser range finder

Pollution Control System for chemical manufacturing plant

Environmental enclosure for remote telecommunication equipment

Drying system for inorganic chemical powder manufacturing process

Development and design of air atomizing nozzles for spraying industrial emulsions and foams

Design and performance analysis of mobile lift system for buses

Hybrid automobile power electronics materials research

Design and performance analysis of lift system for coupled railcars

Corrosion study for chemical manufacturing plant piping and vessels

Transit escalator refurbishment/replacement for state transit system

Noise attenuation for outdoor residential emergency electric generator

Acoustic analysis & design for residential renovation

Development of military helicopter seating for crash survival