Mechanical failures and fire losses in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Escalator and elevator accidents.

Mechanical failures in the automotive, aviation, railroad, manufacturing, and machine tool fields

Automotive accident analysis & reconstruction

Appliance failures

Slip and fall accidents

Optical systems, medical and scientific instruments

Construction equipment, cranes, front loaders

Personal injury claims for plaintiffs and defendants

Product liability, breach of contract, breach of warranty

Analysis of causative factors in personal injuries for compliance with codes and standards

Contractual and labor performance compliance with drawings, specifications and codes

Patent infringement studies

Compliance of structures, machines, processes, and materials with applicable regulatory, design, and safety codes.

Machine design, mechanisms, kinematics, gears, brakes, robotics

Image Science, photo-science and graphic science

Electric utility power plant analysis and design

Laser technology applications and holography

Powder technology and rheology

Thermal sciences





Failure analysis

Pressure vessels

Fluid Mechanics


Paper technology


Glass fractography

Color technology and science

Environmental Pollution Control

Optics, fiber optics and optomechanics

Random vibration, acoustics, shock analysis and test

Electric utility distribution system structural analysis and design

Fatigue life, fracture mechanics and fracture control plans

Psychophysics of visual and audio perception

Structural analysis including finite elements

Web and paper handling technology

Systems engineering

Photographic science

Graphic science




Materials Science

Fire cause and origin


Applied Mathematics

Radiometry and sensitometry

Construction and farm machinery

Medical and scientific instruments

Electronic and optical packaging and thermal management

Patent Investigation